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In the production company FrigoMac uses both the latest
technological advances, as well as classic, time-tested technology and manufacturing schemes . All industrial refrigeration equipment made of high-quality components from world famous manufacturers. Apart from that, it is additionally equipped with electronic controls, the presence
of which allows you to adjust the load, save energy and ensures careful operation of all equipment. Before selling all products undergo rigorous testing at every stage of production, which ensures its reliable and trouble-free operation .

Widely used in the manufacture of high-quality components, modern automation and monitoring systems allow us to produce a highly reliable refrigeration equipment for warehouses and industrial and commercial enterprises. The products manufactured by our company ensures years of service. The quality, reliability and reasonable pricing of products FrigoMac is in great demand among the customers of different sectors of activity. Production facilities enable us to provide customers any amount of supplies.

Our experts will help you to choose and buy a refrigerated warehouse equipment to suit your requirements. FrigoMac company is stable and successful company with qualified staff and reliable partners with a great experience. If you have a concern or question about our product please call our sales department by phone at Antalya/Turkey : +90 242 325 0510 or in send your question or request by fax :+90 242 325 0510 e-mail: info@frigomac.com We will select and design the best option

for you or refrigeration technology for optimal performance, quality , delivery time and the final cost . 

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